– Name change from DGX to DGDX to not be confused with Digix gold.
– contract launched https://etherscan.io/token/0xcfb19358876f4f36f4a4fe7f0322b35147a319bc
Payment changed.
lot of users been contacting us confused about the low USD value.
before it was 1 DGDX = 1 USD.
users can earn 0.001 DGDX for
and users have voted on the public site pool to solely pay in DGDX
now DGDX is free value, it’s not tied to 1 = 1, that means 1 DGDX can equal $10 usd or more in the future.
we hope with this to raise value for DGDX, it will be better earning DGDX now when it’s still early and cashout big rewards later.
-added airdrop
-users can now suggest categories (communities)
-fixed an issue with registration and login.
-speed improvement.
-email notifications are now disabled by default, if user want to be notified they can enable it from edit profile page.
-added DGDX transactions history sitewide and for each user.

Our next step:
– Improving the project and taking more ideas from the community.
– Adding ETH rewards besides DGDX.
– Adding more ways to earn DGDX and ETH.
– Listing token in official exchanges (might need votes so we will wait until we have more than 1000 active members).
– To be discussed with the community.